Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is common. In addition to damaging the soft tissues and bone structures that support your teeth, scientific research has shown that the oral infections associated with periodontal disease are linked to a number of serious systemic health conditions including: cardiovascular disease and heart attack; bacterial infection of the heart; stroke; bacterial pneumonia; diabetes mellitus; low birth weight and exacerbation of autoimmune disease.

Periodontal diseases are inflammatory diseases. Dr. Curtis uses highly specific, advanced screening to identify 88 different pathogens to assist in customizing treatment for each patient.

Excellent home care and regular visits with Dr. Curtis are important steps to preventing gum disease. Prompt and appropriate treatment will help mitigate the effects of the disease and preserve or restore your periodontal and overall health.

Laser Technology for Periodental Disease

Waterlase™ uses air, water and energy to accomplish routine dental procedures quickly, comfortably and efficiently. It is safe for all ages and because the water is the "working component", there is little if any discomfort.

Ezlase™ is laser technology for softer tissues. This laser is utilized for non-surgical treatment of gum disease and for cosmetic correction of the gum line to build a beautiful smile.