Patient Reviews

"First of all, it is great to have a biological dentist in town, such as Dr. Brookover. He really understands the body's power to "heal itself," given the right tools and is able and willing to think outside of the box. In addition, his assistant, Nikkie, has been outstanding--patiently (and competently) answering all of my questions, explaining my TMJ results and providing helpful suggestions with my Myosa device. As a new patient and a new resident of Santa Fe, she even took the time to offer suggestions (at my request) of other homeopathic health professionals in the area. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Brookover and his wonderful staff!"

Laura Detert, PMA®-CPT
Open Studio Pilates/Founder & PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher

"We are so grateful to have found Dr. Curtis and the MyoBrace services he offers. I’ve long known traditional metal braces are not the best/healthiest option for kids (or anyone for that matter), but didn’t think we would have such a wonderful alternative right here in Santa Fe! The MyoBrace approach is widely available and accepted in other countries and is a much more intelligent and respectful approach to health than metal brackets being fused onto teeth—no pain, no permanent retainer— just focused exercises and training, and wearing the mouth guard at night. A very doable program for children and adults and as a bonus costs less than braces. Missy is great to work with and really takes the time to make sure my daughter understands the exercises and is inspired to practice. I highly recommend the services and staff at Integrative Dentistry of New Mexico."

Tansy Beinner

"Dr. Curtis is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field. He explains what’s going on in your mouth, how it affects your body as a whole and what his approach will be, in a very thorough way. He is gentle and confident while performing such intricate procedures. I had an infected root canal (15+years) with a cyst under the root. The pre and post op care was invaluable. Nikki and Genna are compassionate, patient and nurturing. Dental work can be a traumatic experience, so you want to make sure you’re in the hands of professionals with expertise and knowledge."

Jessica Logreira

"Dr. Brookover is a very knowledgeable biological dentist. Been treated by him for over 3 years with my complicated dental issues. The staff is compassionate & friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Brookover to anyone who is seeking a biological dentist."

Vasanta Lidanova

"Professional, very clean and organized. First time walking in i was very impressed with how clean and organized everything was. The staff was very friendly and answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable new dentist! 10/10!!!"

Michael Romero

"Dr. Brookover and all his staff are simply wonderful! Not only do I know I’m getting top care, nontoxic dental work, and supplements to help my immune system integrate that work, but I also have a great interaction with each person who sees me. Dr. B is full of fun facts and good conversation - about dentistry and otherwise - and I always feel I get the personal attention needed to feel comfortable from everyone else. The expertise and laid back environment helps to keep my stress down, especially after I had a root canal tooth extracted; my anxiety was quickly assuaged! Many thanks to the doctor and his whole team, I’m grateful for the honest and wholesome work you’re doing in a world of otherwise disappointing medical care!"

Hannah Rose

"I was referred to Dr. Brookover by my boss and was nervous as I had not been to a dentist in 24 years. The staff and office environment were so welcoming. I had a wonderful cleaning with Missy and Dr. Brookover prepared several options for treatment plans. I just finished Phase 1 and my teeth look and feel so much better. I am doing the next phase next week. All my concerns and questions have been answered in terms I can understand and his methodology is genius. His noninvasive dental solutions and chemical free products I highly recommend. If you want a leading edge knowledgeable dentist, I cannot refer Dr. Brookover highly enough!"

Heather Barna