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Welcome to Integrative Dentistry of New Mexico

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Welcome to Integrative Dentistry of New Mexico, the Santa Fe and Los Alamos offices of Dr. Curtis Brookover, formerly Alpine Laser Dental.

For 19 years, Dr. Brookover has been serving the community with the most advanced dental care techniques and therapies. He is the only Biological Dentist in northern New Mexico.

Biological dentistry is an integrative approach to health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit that is mercury free, fluoride free, uses biologically compatible materials and non-toxic plant based products along with other complementary therapies.

Further supporting health and wellness, the offices use the most up-to-date dental equipment and eco-friendly, biologically compatible products, to reduce exposure to toxic materials and radiation.

We look forward to providing you with 21st century innovative, caring, and top of the line dental care.

Meet Dr. Brookover

Dr. Brookover, or as he prefers, Dr. Curtis, is passionately dedicated to providing the most advanced, highest quality dental care using an integrative, health-focused, whole body philosophy. He combines proven dental science with advanced technical training and experience.

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